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Please use the form to enter as much information you want on your card.

To simplify the transaction, the form also provides a payment method to keep this process a one step process.

The price of the card is

US$69.99 per year*

*During this year, you can submit up to 3 changes to your card. After the third, there will be a charge of $10 per change

Your Info

• Enter your info here.

A new item should be in a new line. e.g.,

Address: 210 82nd Ave N St. Petersburg, FL 33702

etc, etc, etc

• Use the buttons below to upload the PICTURES (logo or any other art such as your picture) that you would like to include on your eCard...

Upload Picture
Upload Picture

• Use the button below to upload your VIDEO that you would like to include on your eCard.


• If you don't have a video, you don't need to have it.

• If you decide to record a selfie video, we require it to be recorded in a vertical orientation

• If you need extra professional editing with your videos, please contact us and we will discuss our fees.

Upload Video
Thanks for submitting!
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